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    re: I was recently converted back into a gold bull (after saying it no longer had value long term).

    A few reasons.

    1) In history a reserve currency has never worked. The goverments could never resist printing more money and I dont see this time being any different.

    2) Everybody else has been selling gold accept the US reserve bank. Suspicious.

    3) US gold companies have been active in taking over overseas companies. Look, Normandy is gone.

    4) Recent scams involving investment banks show us the criminals they really are. The government would put them out of business if they didn't have any interest. The government wants these investment banks to rip off the world and probably carry out its dirty work.

    In relation to the gold price I wouldn't be surprised if they are artificially keeping the price low so they can scoop up more gold.

    The US currency looks suspect and who will benefit? Gold.

    Anyway just my thought... this scene could take months or years to pan out. When I retire Ill be able to tell you for sure. Now we can only speculate.

    Good luck.
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