ESG 0.00% 86.5¢ eastern star gas limited

implications for esg of bg purchase of qgc

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    Several come to mind:

    The Gladstone LNG plant will happen and the sector will remain hot and attract further CSG assets grabs by overseas companies.

    BG has around $8 billion left in the kitty after being rejected by ORG in a bid worth $13 billion. So it will be looking to secure more CSG supply and will look around at other players but smaller than ORG or STO. Makes AOE and perhaps MPO and ESG appear likelies.

    The QGC proposed QLDHV pipeline is a strong possibility now and it runs past ESG's leases. AGL may also want to be involved to secure NSW suppply.

    So ... if ESG can prove up their targeted 1,300 PJ of 2P and say 2,00 PJ+ of 3P they will look very attractive.

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