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    Here is the latest announcement.

    As detailed in the Company's prospectus, IMT recently applied
    Phoslock to a portion of the heavily polluted Lake Dianchi in China.
    A major problem in the lake is the growth of blue-green algae, a
    direct result of high levels of phosphorus in the water.

    The Chinese authorities have confirmed that Phoslock performed as
    predicted in that it removed 97% of soluble phosphorus from the water
    treated. It also removed a high proportion of the total phosphorus
    but not enough to meet the local water quality criteria.

    As a result, IMT has been requested to move to the next stage, that
    is, to combine the Phoslock treatment with a common commercially
    available algicide. The performance characteristics of the common
    algicide are well known in removing the algae from the water. The
    algicide is of very low toxicity to other aquatic life.

    This joint application should remove a higher proportion of the total
    phosphorus from the water to the low levels required. IMT is
    confident this trial will succeed in meeting the total performance
    requirements of the Chinese authorities.

    The plan for the next stage has been agreed and the project will
    start in mid-September, 2002.

    Upon successful completion of the next stage, IMT expects to begin
    finalisation of arrangements and contracts for the treatment of the
    whole lake. It is anticipated that this treatment will commence early
    in calendar 2003.

    B Crowley
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Currently unlisted public company.

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