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    And, this is the Chairman of the long suffering Pallies.......??? A common thief!

    At least the money that the US gives Israel, which in turn most is spent on buying whatever from the States...every penny is accounted for........but no...not Arafat...his "people" can rot, but he'll thieve'em blind.

    What a man! Aint ya proud, Fullguy/Henty? Aint ya?

    Yeah I know....the Mossad paid the IMF to come up with that report!!!


    IMF report: 8% of PA budget at Arafat's sole discretion

    By Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondent

    Some 8 percent of the Palestinian Authority's
    budget is managed by a single individual, PA
    Chairman Yasser Arafat, according to an official
    report compiled by the International Monetary

    Under the heading "Economic
    Performance and Reforms under
    Conflict Conditions," the IMF
    document, based on data
    provided by the PA, describes
    the financial management of
    the PA since its
    establishment in 1995 and
    through to the outbreak of
    the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000.

    The figures show, among other things, that some
    $900 million in PA revenues "disappeared"
    during the period in question and was
    transferred from the Palestinian Finance
    Ministry to unknown destinations.

    According to the report, the 2003 budget for
    Arafat's office totaled $74 million, of which a
    sum of $34 million is listed as "transfers"
    that the chairman uses to pay "organizations"
    and "individuals," as the report puts it.

    The report describes the management of Arafat's
    budget as follows: "The president assumes the
    prerogative of providing aid to various
    organizations and individuals. Some of them
    have legitimate claims, but have fallen through
    the safety net and have no recourse other than
    appealing to the president. These include
    students seeking scholarships abroad, patients
    seeking specialized medical care abroad, and
    people who have lost all their assets and
    livelihood during the conflict.

    "However, other claimants and organizations are
    part of politically favored networks who should
    not be getting such grants under any criterion.
    This inevitably raises questions and suspicions
    which are inconsistent with accountable and
    transparent public finance systems (unless all
    transfers and beneficiaries are published).

    "The solution is simple. The president's budget
    should only cover the president's staff and
    operational expenses. All transfers should be
    spun off to the respective ministries for
    education, health and social affairs."

    The report, which was distributed among the
    delegations that attended the IMF's annual
    conference in Abu Dhabi a month and a half ago,
    does not name the recipients of the funds, but
    those privy to Arafat's office procedures are
    at least aware of the manner in which some of
    the money is allocated: Fatah activists and
    various associates submit requests; and the
    chairman approves them personally.

    The donor countries and organizations that are
    monitoring the reforms in the PA define "safety
    net" as the terms under which funds are
    transferred to the PA so as to ensure that they
    are not then used to finance terror activities
    or further unworthy goals. The report reveals,
    however, that it is impossible to keep track of
    the funds listed as "the president's budget."

    The document calls on Arafat to reveal the names
    of the beneficiaries, but does not pose an

    The IMF report also reveals, for the first time,
    the official number of security personnel
    registered as receiving wages from the PA -
    56,128, almost 20,000 more than the number that
    appears in the Oslo Accords
    . The document
    criticizes the fact that some of the security
    personnel receive their wages in cash through
    the heads of the various security mechanisms.
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