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Imagine the brokers roadshow

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    ASC on a brokers roadshow at the moment, and obviously there has been some heavy buying.

    How would Malcom Day ( CEO) be able to not look smug when he presents these figures...

    Current Value of Company with share price at 36 cents is $109 million.

    By the end of the month we will have $30 million in the bank.

    Revenue has doubled every six months.

    Profits doubled or better every six month, and our little company, based on same growth rate over last 2 years, will make around 30 million next year. If it doesnt grow at all it will make 22 million.


    Company Strategy and Prospects ASC
    (Last Update: 20 March, 2002)
    The half year to December 2001 represented a turnaround for ASC, which posted a 238% jump in revenue and its first ever half year profit of $272,000 compared with a net loss of $7.9 million for the previous corresponding period


    After reporting its maiden profit in the first half of the financial
    year 2001/2002 and with increasing positive cash flows being
    generated in each of the past three quarters, Limited
    today released revenue and profit forecasts for the remainder of the
    calendar year 2002.

    Revenue from ordinary activities for the financial year 2001/2002 is
    forecasted to reach over A$118 million, with revenue for the
    financial year 2002/2003 projected to increase further and set to
    reach over A$106 million for the first half of 2002/2003 alone.

    After the maiden profit of A$272,000 in the first half of the
    financial year, net profits after tax for the full financial year
    2001/2002 are forecasted to reach a total of more than A$5.6
    million. Net profits for the first half-year of 2002/2003 are
    expected to more than double again to over A$11.6 million. expects its cash reserves to reach over A$30.3 million
    at the end of December 2002. Detailed projections are released as

    Its made a hell of a turnaround and the share price has a lot of catching up to do yet.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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