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***im holding for the ride of my life****

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    I Hold SLT, SLTOA, SLTO......

    getting set for the ride of my life very soon. Once the big boys with the deep pockets are briefed on what is happening with the future of this company, I cant help but wonder where the SP will be sitting.........


    ps. Stop talking about the SH*T about what is going to happen to SLT tomorrow, the next day ect, its driving me nuts. If you have anything of interest to add, do it, or shut up....if you aren't comfortable with these directors, dont hold...or even sit on the fence. Tune off and look at other companies. All I know is that PRR ran that hard from 16c to 70c and the oppies from 5c to 50c, that there is no way I am missing the boat this time. These directors know how to put a deal or two together, and this is there best one to date. PRR is still in phase trials....SLT is ready to BRING HOME THE MONEY

    a profitable biotech company............what would it be worth??????????????????
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