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im depressed...thank god for t4p

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    or was before I read T4P's post just now. I have been in on GDN since 35c then got anxious when it dropped back 29c and got out so took a loss. Bought back in this week and was surprised and pleased with the speed at which it rose, then bought a few more at 87c on Friday. My depression stems from the overwhelming negativity today about how it is overbought/over ramped, speculation about directors saying positive things to keep it above 50c for oppies on monday etc etc - especially when many of these same people were doing the up ramping in the middle of the week just gone by. Many of you experienced posters will say that these bears are bulls in disguise and just trying to push the price down so they can get in cheap, or that they are bitter and twisted...but I just wish I could seperate the hype (good or bad) from the real facts. T4P's post was the only one that seemed informative and balanced and before his post, I was ready to slit my wrists! I am holding despite being tempted to sell on Friday and although we have been told to expect more good results early next week, the negative posters would have us believe that all the recent asx announcements are simply not worth the paper they are written on...isn't there some moral basis on which we share information or am I just too soft for the business of trading?
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