i'm back from my honeymoon!!

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    Hi Guys,

    Got back yesterday morning.

    Thanks so much for the well wishes relating to my wedding from CATDOG, acouch, ridge, 4620 and others.

    A particular thankyou to arthur for his wonderful post.

    The day was the most incredible of our lives and it everything went perfectly.

    We went to LA for a day, St. Lucia for 5 days, Jamaica for 5 days and Cuba for 8 day.

    Cuba is the most amazing place and I advise you all to visit there as soon as you get a chance. Do some research on Guantanamo and you will find out some very interesting events about this place and its history.

    It was great to relax and get away fromeverything for 3 weeks. I logged on once over there and it happened to be the day when brambles was down almost 2 dollars!!

    Again thanks guys and great to be back.

    Anything on the stock front I should know about??

    Good Luck all


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