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    Accepted for Saturday, listed race and has 59.5kg. Not a lot of study seems to be required for this one, lack of go forward horses other than Mr M which has drawn wide. Should lead this on his ear, just hope the young fellow on Mr M does not get too keen (rides quite a few for Gollan so has probably seen some of Rippa) or could get Rippa a fired up a bit - he has a bit of a tendency to race a little fierce early on in a prep. First up record is good although just 1 win from 6 (never missed a place), barrier gods have helped (2) and Brad Stewart back from an enforced holiday. Work up to now has been good, seemingly no ill-effect from his injury so all up hard to see him missing first three - only proviso is we don't get heavy rain and forecast has been improving - was supposed to be showers all week but the only shower I have seen is in the bathroom and tv weather tonight suggested any rain we get will not spoil holiday makers weekend at the beach. Weight is really my only concern at the moment but he has earned it.

    Talking myself into a reasonable size bet, seeking input from a couple of punting mates to perhaps dampen the enthusiasm a little or maybe enhance?

    Best part - race 6 of 9 so we have some time to celebrate or commiserate and re-group before they ask us to leave!

    Good punting
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