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i'm a 10 year gold bug, so please excuse me ..

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    Hi all,

    I've been rapt in gold since 1998, 'cause I became aware of what the Fed was doing way back then and knew that gold, as a result, would take its real/true place as the ultimate decider of value/worth/merit.

    I was 10 years too early and so lost a lot of money ($6 figues/all I had) because I underestimated/didn't estimate at all the staying/fixing power of the Fed.

    Nevertheless I have held my belief in gold, in fact have strengthened it, and have become ever more convinced of the inevitable collapse of the worldwide fiat currency systems.

    BUT - why I'm typing is this. I've started visiting this gold site of late and very recently have come to the conclusion that it's simply filled with posts from - and operated by - those gold bugs who need to talk to other gold bugs.

    Occasionally a decrying voice/post appears, which does add some interest and umbrage to the forum.

    But all in all it seems to me that people here are simply posting stuff that people like them want to read and agree with.

    I don't suggest there's anything at all wrong with that.... providing it's realised that that is the nature of this particular forum set. There appears to be little, if any, debate here about the true worthiness of gold (or soilver/platinum/palladium/other of the pmg).

    It's just "me" geeing up the equivalent of "me"!

    Just an observation I've made tonight whilst 'in my cups'.

    But I think it's true.

    Cheers all.

    Go gold!

    ' - '
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