ill informed french

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    sorry wont post under general
    How dumb are the French ,

    I bet they have never seen a fly blown sheep covered with maggots which have turned the flesh rotten

    They get so sick then fall down in the paddock and die a slow painful death,
    Sometimes death comes quicker with some extra pain when a fox ,or wild dog attacks the sick helpless sheep

    Paris protests target Australian sheep trade
    December 3, 2004 - 9:32AM

    Lunchtime shoppers and visitors to the Australian embassy in Paris today were greeted by animal rights activists dressed as sheep.

    The protest by members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was part of a wider campaign being waged in cities worldwide against Australia's live sheep trade and the practice of mulesing.

    Today's noon protest was peaceful.

    Mulesing involves lambs' rump flesh being cut off to prevent flystrike.

    "Australia's war on sheep is a disgrace," PETA Europe Campaign Coordinator Andrew Butler said in a statement.

    "Kind people won't buy wool when they learn about mulesing mutilations and live export, both of which could end today."

    Similar demonstrations were planned in other European cities, including Brussels and The Hague.

    Last month PETA launched a campaign in the United States, urging a boycott of Australian merino wool products to pressure the Australian government to stop live sheep exports and mulesing.

    The protesters said they would stage demonstrations outside Australia's embassy and consulates in Washington DC, San Francisco, Atlanta and New York over the next month.

    In Australia, industry body Australian Wool Innovation has launched legal action against PETA members, seeking to force them to drop pressure against retailers.

    Also last month, an American animal rights campaigner and his Australian colleague were arrested for staging an unauthorised protest outside a KFC restaurant in Vietnam.

    They were released after paying a fine.
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