I'll ask the questions that the ABC won't.

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    From today's ABC website

    ""David Boyd's story is proof that life can turn on a dime.

    Key points:

    • David Boyd spends three quarters of his Centrelink payments on a cramped Sydney apartment
    • Cost of living is a big issue ahead of next month's NSW election
    • There are 60,000 people on the waiting list for NSW public housing

    He was once a high-flying banker, but his life began to unravel when he lost his job in the global financial crisis and now he struggles to find the money to provide for the basics for his 10-year-old daughter Kali.

    "I was at the top of the tree," Mr Boyd said.

    "I was wining and dining and had the beautiful house on the beach, half a million dollars in the bank and now I'm at the opposite end of the scale

    Nearly three quarters of Mr Boyd's Centrelink payments are swallowed up paying the rent on the cramped two-bedroom flat he shares with his daughter in Penshurst in Sydney's south.

    He is left with just under $300 a fortnight to cover food, bills and medical expenses for both of them.

    Kali has eczema but her serums and oils are unsubsidised as they are non-prescription.

    "I'm concerned to be able to feed my daughter … and I live for her, if I didn't have her I wouldn't have kept going.""

    All very sad but:
    1. When you were at the top of the tree did you save for the proverbial rainy day?
    2. Did you use some of your incoming wealth to insure against future misfortune?
    3. Where has all the money gone?  Drunk away? Gambled away? Given to ex wives and their lawyers?
    4. Serious eczema is surely treated via bulk-billing GPs and standard medicines on the PBS?
    5. Why have you been unable to get a job since 2008?  The economy has been booming, sucking in a myriad overseas workers. Surely your "top of the tree" skill set must have enabled you to do something?
    6. Why don't you move to a lower rent area?
    7. Given you don't work and have ample free time why don't you tidy your 2 bed apartment up a bit.

    As usual.................half a story from the ABC...................just the one half they want you to hear.

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