ignore function is beautiful

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    Put ten people on ignore last night and its great....sick and tired of hearing crap about war and terror and religion......wish i did it ages ago....i like having the general forum on because talking about sports and just social stuff is good to break the boredom....

    Talking of sports my tipping is getting worse.lol

    Snooker you were the first i put on,seriously you need to get a life mate....i have never seen you post on a stock once,,,,so whats your story,what are you on hc for......i won`t see your reply so you can abuse me all you like.....but let me tell you this......You are the only person in my life i have learnt to dislike without ever meeting you....seriously your a jerk and make people switch the general forum off,,,,,YES you alone have done that.....CHAMPION at turning people off....CONGRADULATIONS you imbecile.
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