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If you still haven't looked....

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    ...may I suggest that now is the time.

    Yes, I like this stock (for bl**dy good reason) but you really should do some homework on the chart etc whilst a large committed and professional seller remains active at around 62/63.

    This stock has followed TA (particularly Fib) closely. It held support at 53c as predicted on the way down and breaking 60/61c is imo a significant indicator to a rise. Expect some volume at 63 as this was the recent discounted issue price but only idiots would be selling now given the buying support (based on extraordinarily strong fundamentals) that this stock has.

    When I say only an idiot you can correctly guess it is a broker selling (the smart guys mostly don't work at brokers from what I've seen.)

    So do yourself a favour and put GTP on the homework sheet for tonight.

    Rene Rivkin gave strong support to this stock following his meeting with senior management and looking at the fundamentals. I also here lots of talk that several other prominent advisers are putting it through the wringer so I wouldn't be surprised to see more recommendations in the coming weeks.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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