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I posted this over on MEO thread:WTF!!!Moby (MOG) could now be...

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    I posted this over on MEO thread:


    Moby (MOG) could now be one of the most undervalued shares of all time on the asx. Any newbies who thinking I'm talking it up check my past posts here on MEO for the extensive research I've done on MEO's Artemis.

    Now, quick calcs on MOG = $6 million dollars (y'day's closing price) divided by .08 cents share (y'day's closing price)= 75 million shares on issue. Even if you dilute this by the 120 mill shares they will give in consideration for Artemis, they are still in a different market-cap ball park relative to CUE and MEO. MEO will soon have 20 percent of Artemis and CUE 15 percent. Moby, (MOG) will have 15 percent as they state this morning in exchange for 120 mill shares FPO.

    EVEN IF MOG HEADS TO 80 CENTS WITH A BULLET and is hence then valued at $60 mill (before dilution) that is still one third the SP of CUE which is currently $180 mill market cap and far less than MEO current market cap @ $255 Million which has an extra 5 percent of Artemis after farmout hence the extra market cap for MEO. (Forgetting the rest of these three companies other projects and prospects which I personally couldn't care less about relative to the potential of Artemis.)

    MOG ARE STILL UNDERVALUED BY well over 1000 PERCENT RELATIVE TO CUE AND MEO at it's current price as I write @ around the low 20's. This is possibly the BIGGEST no-brainer I've ever come across when you consider the quick research I just gave here. Feel free to add to it team but this is all accurate at time of writing.

    I'm not sure what other options ect MOG have on issue but they are the quick calcs. I went all-in on MOG this morning on the strength of the above but I still have a target price of $4 dollars a share by early next year for MEO on the strength of Artemis when they enact their drilling program so never fear MEOer's, I'll be back for more of our beloved MEO.

    For anyone who thinks they are too late to the party on MOG in the low to mid 20's, the first guests have only just arrived and the first drink is yet to be poured.

    You could blink and this stock could be a dollar very soon as the market assigns the market cap that 15 percent of Artemis deserves. It's that simple. I've never seen potential of this kind. I believe $180 million is fair in the short term as in CUE's case (though CUE/MEO will be 5 times this come FEB IMO when the drill goes down in Artemis.)

    Remember Artemis Target is around half of Gorgon.

    Enough said.

    PS: I made myself an hour late for work to write this post.

    PPS: This stock should be all over the TV news and papers tonight/tommoro as word gets out. What do you think that will do for the shareprice. Can you say..."Lift off."

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