if you don't realise this is very serious ....

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    .... broaden your knowledge by doing a Google search on "Influenza + pandemic + 1919".

    World health officials warn of threat of global flu pandemic

    SINGAPORE Health officials are warning today that the world is close to its next pandemic -- a powerful and highly contagious mix of avian influenza and flu virus that would likely be centered in Asia.

    Authorities also warn that humans would probably be the carriers, not animals as initially thought.

    The word came today from Francois (fran-ZWAH') Xavier-Meslin, the World Health Organization's coordinator for disease control, prevention and eradication. He says he doesn't know when it will happen, but predicts it would be worse than SARS.

    Xavier-Meslin made the statement in Singapore, at a task force meeting on bird flu led by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

    The H-5-N-1 bird flu virus killed 32 people in Thailand and Vietnam this year. Meslin said the proximity of high-tech farms and backyard operations, coupled with high human-to-animal contact, could spur another outbreak of avian influenza in Asia.

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