if us attacks north korea

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    North Korea poses a far worse problem for the US and the free World than Iran ever did. WMD's are definately in the hands of an unstable government together with Nuclear capacity.

    The US cannot negotiate with such a regeme successfully and the United Nations is too slow and cumbersome.

    Any sign of military intervention against the North will see an immediate counter attack against Soel with a population of 10 million people.This could be done in one hour.Missiles could be launched against Japan in a similar time frame. Any massing of US troops would be seen and could cause such a counter attack.

    So any action against North Korea must be swift and virtually unannounced and must disable their capacity to counter strike. The first, most of us will know about this is after it's done.

    The Stock Market seems oblivious to these possibilities and I would be interested in your thoughts on this.

    Would gold go up or would it be over so fast it would have no affect on the POG. What about Oil?

    All comments please.

    Regards M.
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