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    Yep I'm back with one of your ol'fav's...

    Keeping the same shares on issue as it stands today and assuming TON takes 100% ownership of grafex without further dilution (unlikely but just to keep it simple)

    IF TON was at the same stage of development with the same off-take agreement/MOU's in place as SYR then TON's share price would be $2.20 - (nearly 15x current SP!)

    IF we say it only has 80% of the project then $1.75
    IF there is share dilution obtaining grafex or dilution by LGI say 20% then say SP $1.75
    IF TON get's off-take agreements for 100,000 tons then say SP $2.63

    KL - TON's SP should already be well north of $1 is you ask me.
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