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if the cap fits.........

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    I have been with great intrest following this pig and have noticed everyone either bagging it or heralding the next big rise.

    What I don't understand is the lack of in depth chat as to why it is being capped.

    So here goes my theory -

    SLT is being capped by the directors IMO because they know the cat is out of the bag about their forthcoming announcement. They have to cap it in order not to receive a speeding ticket from the lacklusture ASX. What could they possibly say if they receive a speeding ticket "ah no we don't know why the price is rising" even though they know there is speculation about the ann.

    So IMO they have no other option but to cap the fu*ker and avoid a speeding ticket and a hotel room right next door to Rene Rivkin.

    I look forward to any constructive critisism/chat about this peanut of a stock run by monkey's

    BTW I did hold but got out because of the schnanigan's.
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