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if only....

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    If only the traders would stop selling and see the light!!!

    Mark Smyth and our Oil & Gas team headed by Mr Conrad Maher and our mining team headed by Mr Ian Egan have undoubtedly had a huge week abroad and If you are one of the faithful you would be probably feeling quite positive that many boardroom discussions would have been concluded last week and that CityView is on the verge of some very important news that will greatly increase the future value of the company.

    I wonder what Mr Conrad Maher has been able to achieve for CityView during discussions? Has he formed a partnership with any Gas/Oil produces to get us a piece of an existing permit off-shore? Has he been able to crunch some important numbers to assist us with our on-shore permit applications? Was an outcome made in relation to Cameroon or the Niger Delta???

    Then there is Mr Ian Egan…. What has he been able to quantify, evaluate and achieve for CityView with regard to the future prospects we have on the table? Has he made any further deals with fortitude or any new joint venture agreements with other mining companies?

    Lets not forget Mr Mark Smyth and his fantastic charisma. His contributions to the discussions abroad would have been quite substantial. His next BRR announcement should hopefully paint a few nice pictures of where CityView has currently landed!

    There is sure to be loads of information to report to shareholders once it all gets scripted. Hopefully we get piece by piece of a large puzzle over a few weeks and then hopefully by then we may be further ahead with a few of our other projects in the mix.

    If only we could get all the day traders and manipulators to pull their sell orders!
    Then we could take this company to the higher level that it deserves to be before the big news arrives… Clear skies should be coming soon!!!
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