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if areva want to have mey/marenica...

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    sure, the fundamentals changed.
    But!, the fundamentals changed since 8 months.
    The last idiot should now have suddenly realized that AREVA wants the Marenica-area. (funny its like the same: area/areva) hahaha.

    Lets take a look at the SP!
    It is a bloody shame.
    The fantastic realization of the strategy from the management, they did the last 8 months, can not be found on the chart.
    ---> But Why?! <---
    We had masses of speculations here, and i am bored about this right now. The rest of speculation is, that someone bigger needs money and is selling although the AREVA-Deal.

    I dont want an offer of AREVA for 30c, for example. This would be a heavy joke. It would be an too ironic present for AREVA.

    I think some stupid idiots dont life in reality.
    Or is here someone who wants to sell the project for 2 USD/lbs now? Than it would be a fair sp of 15c.

    So, the one and only chance to raise up the sp is, to raise up the resource. Think about: we already have 39 Mio lbs!

    The final resource-upgrade in January, hopefully will be more than 45mio lbs...
    The Springbok-Results hopefully will be great.

    Maybe we have time, to explore more of this great tenement.
    Please think about that:
    - we have explored only 1/3 of the paleochannel!
    - the third dome (southern dome) is currently not explored!
    - we dont know how many pounds of U are really in the ground!
    - we dont know how much lbs of U are in the springbok and the southern dome!

    So it would be the greatest joke i've ever heard, if we will give our shares for 30c, for example.
    The marenica project is currently worth 30c right NOW!
    (39 Mio lbs x 4 USD/lbs)

    Lets make a calculation with current numbers:
    39Mio lbs x 4 USD/lbs = 156 Mio USD
    156 Mio USD = 175 Mio AUD (1 : 1,13)
    Options-Changing ~80 Mio, ~ + 26 Mio AUD
    Millenium ltd, maybe + 5 Mio AUD
    + Cash ~ 5 Mio
    = 211 Mio AUD / 75% (80%MEY-5%Millenium ltd.) = 157 Mio AUD
    158,25 Mio AUD / 527 Mio Shares (449outstanding+78options)
    = 0,30028 AUD !!!
    (i hope, everyone understands this calculation. Please think, 4USD/lbs is very conservative. Make your own research, i will not garant for this calculation.)

    So, if AREVA will make such an offer of 30c after good Springbok results or more than 39 mio lbs, we know what to do...
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