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    Hi Idaho.

    I whipped up a basic google map with TRH target areas (blue pins) in comparison to POL's (yellow pins) main focus area of current/recent drilling.

    I believe all the TRH drilling was done at the Johnstone range targets, which as you can see if just north of POL's Johnstone range target. POL reported on the drilling they did at Johnstone Range in the recent quartely, it didn't sound all that positive to be honest.

    So although it appears that POL's Carina is a ripper, it's a long way from where TRH's drilling was focused.

    I dont hold TRH, I did only for small while late last year, but due to the dodgey market I cut back on the specs i was holding and stuck mainly with what i know best, thats POL.

    Having said that, i do like TRH, they have some good ground in good areas. I'll be watching on with interest as they report results.

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