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    Hi guys fyi

    iCash Team Awarded China ATM Operation Contract

    Beijing, November 6, 2008 – The iCash Team has been awarded a contract for ATM system development and operation by Yunnan Nantian Electronics Information Company Ltd (Nantian). Nantian is China’s largest business banking machine provider and is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

    “The AOC (ATM Operation Contract) will see our Companies partner in the delivery of device deployment and a modernisation program which will ensure service supremacy in China for many years to come,” said James Manny, Executive Chairman. “The very real synergies are apparent in the near perfect dovetailing of our capabilities.

    ”The Contract establishes the formal partnership between the Companies and their essential obligations.

    iCash will supply ATMs, management and payments technologies. iCash will appoint Nantian as the exclusive supplier of site locations, installation, operating maintenance, technical and after sales service of its ATM products in mainland China.

    Nantian will be responsible for the delivery of commercial orders.

    The Parties agreed to finalise an initial order and deployment of more than 6000 units in mainland China as soon as possible. Nantian engineers will visit our facilities in Korea in mid November to galvanize the partnership between Nantian, Neo Technologies Inc Korea and iCash.

    James Manny
    Executive Chairman
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