ice -do your d/d on this one over the w/end

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    Investorweb highlighted this stock while still suspended in an article by Jenny Prabhu on 8th Aug- members with access to I/web can access this report. It traded today @ 2.8c after being relisted which is a year low.
    The Co is now debt free with $500K cash after a fully underwriten placement of 2.4m shares @ 2c - Recieving $3m from a share offer of 60m shares @ 5c and ANZ exchanging debt of $5m for 20m unlisted options exercisable 10c over the next 5 years.
    Company research shows some incredible figures ( which may not now be relevant due to the extra shares on issue)
    P/E .65
    EPS 4.3C
    E/yield 153%

    With a previous year high of 9c and low of 3.5c this could be a winner.
    I bought today , members views would be appreciated -
    under the search function apparently this share has not been posted before
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