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    answer from investor relations about PBBA's iBurst

    One of the most important factors of widespread adoption for any type of wireless network service is the availability of compatible devices. Even 3G and GPRS networks had the same problem where there are not enough compatible handsets.

    The SkyNetGlobal model is based on using proven technology standard "WiFi" (802.11b) which today, is the global standard for wireless broadband access on notebooks and PDAs. There are more than 20 million devices with WiFi, and more than 1 million notebooks are shipped each month with WiFi built in. All of Intel Centrino notebooks comes standard with WiFi. Such major market drivers presents a huge base of potential user to the SkyNetGlobal network, as it is built on the same standard.

    Personal Broadband uses iBurst which is a proprietary technology, meaning you must buy a special PCMCIA card for your notebook. Furthermore you can only use the card on a iBurst network which will have limited coverage, whereas with SkyNetGlobal WiFi you can use it in more than 1000 locations worldwide irrespective of who's network it is.

    We believe that Personal Broadband will have a difficult task in convincing consumers to purchase a special card to use their service when most other networks are based on standard technologies. Even if they manage to overcome that problem, their main target market would be homes or business located in areas where broadband is not easily available, rather than the mobile workers that need access in public locations.

    I hope the above addresses your question.

    Investor Relations

    well let's see what will happen after the 29.9. when skg reveales the shareprice of the new shares
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