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    Nice rise in the SP today. We must be getting close to an updated BFS which should contain good news.

    I wanted to start this thread to comment on the positives of IBG for the benefits of the new buyers.

    I'd also like to hear holders thoughts on why IBG is so undervalued compared to Rumble Resources (RTR)??

    Just prior to Rumble's discovery hole at their Earaheedy Zinc prospect, Rumble was trading at ~10c.

    After the announcement, they've been trading at between 0.50c – 0.70c.

    RTR at 50c means the Earaheedy discovery added $200m (5 times) market cap to their company.

    Which is the market saying that it currently values a similar potential target quantity of Zinc at ~$200m

    Here's IBG's potential exploration target:


    Here's RTR's Earaheedy potential exploration target:

    So given that we've got close to the same potential, are closer to having our mine built, with half of the finance pretty much in place through the LOI with EXIM bank (unless things change like Zinc price going down), you'd think we'd be at the stage where our market cap is due for a significant increase?

    To me, that would mean a potential for increase for IGB of ~10 times of where the market cap is today.

    But don't take my calculations or word for it, check out the Morgan's research report.

    Morgan's have a risked price of 0.09c (ie: now) and an unrisked price of 29c.

    That would potentially make their semi risked price (for when half financing is in place) 14c (according to my thoughts).

    Which funnily enough would give IBG a similar boost to what how the market is valuing RTR.



    I'm interested to hear what current holders or potential holders value IBG, especially given our JORC and potential exploration target, and LOI from EXIM Bank.

    It'd be great if we could add the positive stuff to this thread for the benefit of new holders and people thinking of investing in IBG.
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