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iba health group eyes healthy software payback

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    IBA Health Group expects to double revenues after launching its new information technology platform that allows practitioners to access a patient's records at every stage of the healthcare process.
    Until now, each doctor, hospital and laboratory had their own computer systems, which meant records had to be posted or carried.

    IBA chief executive Gary Cohen said the healthcare information company expected to more than double its revenue in the following three years from fiscal 2010.

    Mr Cohen said the market for IBA's Lorenzo health IT platform was in "the billions of dollars".

    The system is part of the UK National Health Service's $30 billion IT project.

    The product is also being trialled in university hospitals in Europe, and Australia is expected to follow in implementing the system.

    "It's such a ground-breaking solution that we believe many people will move into this system," Mr Cohen said. "It gives us the potential be the leading health IT company in the world."

    The company says its finances are solid despite posting a net profit of $14.65 million for fiscal 2008, down 36.35 per cent from the previous year.

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