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    There is a new betting medium that is taking the world by storm called Betfair.

    Betfair allows the punter to take odds other punters have bet or the punter can become a bookie and 'lay' the odds.

    It is fast becoming the serious punter's choice of betting places as generally the returns are MUCH better than anywhere else.

    As a serious punter myself i decided to check Betfair out and yes i will be doing the majority of my punting their from now on.To give you an example of how big it is during just 6 overs of the Aust v Paki cricket match the other day the turnover was over 6 million.

    Betfair is starting to bet on the Melbourne and Sydney metro races from tomorrow and this WILL have an effect on turnover for ias,tah and uni imho.

    I don't hold ias,tah or uni and advise people to do there own D.D.
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