ian chappell on aus story, page-13

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    I think youve got your facts @rse about face, bloke.

    When you travel halfway around the globe tourist class, you certainly arent a refugee. Thats an economic opportunist.

    A refugee is someone who staggers across the closest border, under cover of dark, with all your worldy possession on your back.

    The real hypocrisy is the anti war socialists, they are happy to keep trotting out "helpless refugees" tear jerker stories , but refuse to remove the cause of the problem.. Thats the most elementary first step in any problem solving.

    They should be 110% behind the Coalition in their work, but sadly anti western and anti US indoctrination means they prefer to have millions of displaced persons,mass murder and mass graves around the world if the alternative is intervention or regime change by the American Capitalist Running Dogs.
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