IAF aussie bond ETF questions

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    I have a question about IAF its a blackrock ETF that invests in aussie bonds and is currently yielding 2.2%

    I wanted to know why is it in 2013 it paid out $5.86 in dividends
    in 2014 it paid out $3.29 in dividends
    in 2015 it paid out $3.81 in dividends
    in 2017 it paid out $2.44 in dividends

    why is this?

    And why would an ETF what invests in bonds move up and down the stock is $107 but its been down to $100 and as high as $110, why the movement?

    Also, if % rates go up, would the distribution of a bond ETF go up eventually?

    lastly say 20% of the bonds ETF matures in 3-5yrs, when that binds matures would the ETF just invest that money into new bonds with new maturity dates? is this how it works?

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