i wrote to the white house

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    No one may read my letter and nothing may happen but, I wrote to the White House with a suggestion that just may help sort out the financial crisis mess


    How To Help The USA Out Of Its Financial Mess, So That The Rest Of The World Can Be Cured From The Financial Crisis And We Can All Get On Living.

    Because The USA is 21% of the Worlds Financial System and this whole financial mess started from the USA, it can be solved quickly if the whole world comes the USA's aid.

    What I suggest is, the USA needs to offer the world something we cannot resist. For example, if the USA were to let the world buy into your housing market with some great advantage and irresistable incentive, then your house prices rise and the good folk of USA feel much better and start spending and he the entire world becomes happier.

    There could be other things you could off the world, like a great car deal but the housing suggestion is my first thought.

    The USA has come to the worlds help many times, so why not the world help the USA and in return it helps itself.

    I wish you all the best.
    Ronny Leggatt From Sunny Australia
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