I would bite my tongue...

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    "End 'gross indignity' ", Greek FM Varoufakis tells Germany; BBC report.

    Look who is talking!

    Greece has paid no taxes to speak of for decades.
    Much of these times wasted on Socialist Experimentations.
    The 'Sanity' dictates that this upstart with Aussie connection (from 1989 until 2000
    he taught as Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Department of Economics of the University of Sydney)
    tells his people the Truth and tells them to get on with the Job.
    And not to inculcate into them imported Aussie mentality of "she'll be right mate, let them pay for our past sins".

    Stand your ground, Australia!
    Don't allow terminology of "gross indignity" for a verifiable and voluntarily incurred debt take root here.

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