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i wonder if they will ever make a film

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    Once there were a group of lads stock brockers and the like who owned a chunk of shares in a little company called BBQ resources.It was a good company with a few prospects in Moongolia including Moonalite a rare mineral which was used to generate bucket loads of hydrogen very cheaply.

    One of the lads got into a spot of bother with his stockbrocking mates and had to move large parcels of BBQ resources around to cover some big debts his stockbrocking company had run up.Eventually he got caught out and had to retire from the board of BBQ resources.He had a really big chunk of shares in BBQ resources.

    The lads at BBQ resources were getting into a bit of bother themselves with a sheeite mine in Sheetsville that wasnt producing enough sheet to keep afloat.This was a problem because the prospects for the Moonalite mine where frankly fantastic, so fantastic that they thought they should relaunch the company.Trouble was the company had to have some cash before it could be relaunched,the production of moonalite was going to take some time so there was little prospect of it generating any immediate cash.The powers that be said they couldnt relaunch it without some solid cash behind it.

    The lads at BBQ resources where quite pissed at this because they could see they would make a motza from the moonalite.They had convinced quite a number of people of this and had sold lots of shares in BBQ as they were making so little sheeite.Indeed the prospect of a motza of Moonalite had made the price of BBQ rocket up to alltime highs.

    After the stockbrocking lad got into trouble everthing seemed to go wrong for BBQ resources thier share price relentlessly declided so much so that some even accused others of deliberately selling large amounts of shares.There was speculation about who had so many shares to sell.The selling of so many shares completely smashed the share price of BBQ resources and made it impossible for them to raise the cash to keep the sheeite mine going,and of course raise the money for the Moonalite mine.It really was very unfortunate that there seemed to be a really big number of shares available to be sold all the time.

    Any way thing seemed to go from bad to worse at BBQ resources the share price got so low that they couldnt even sell enough shares to raise the cash to pay back the money that the stockbrocking lads had lent them.In the end the only thing left for them to sell was the Moonalite mine as the sheeite mine wasnt doing so well and frankly no one wanted sheeite any way they wanted Moonalite.In the end they sold the Moonalite mine for about enough to cover the costs of the money they had been lent by their stockbrocking mates and some others to keep those sheeite mines afloat.
    It really was ashame they had they had to pay back that loan when their share price was so low that really didnt help matters much.

    It never was clear who got all the Moonalite,I guess its all just sittin in the ground waiting for some bright spark to know when is the right time to dig it all up.One things for sure whoever does is sure gona make a motza.
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