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i wonder if the 1.5c underpin will hold

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    I wonder how much of the 1.5c underpin is real and how much of the 10m will disappear if we get closer. It has become clear I overpaid for my last few parcels. It shouldn't affect the final outcome.

    Sorry I dont buy that this is just a straight line and whilst I agree that one very heavy punter could change things with this dribble volume I am not sure why he would chase it up. The stock keeps dribbling out every day.

    I have become a bit ambivalent to where it is headed at the moment. In some ways I would rather like it to test the 1.5c and for a huge amount of stock to come onto the market now. A good shake-out of the disbelievers could be good for momentum next year. I hate it when a stock cannot find momentum as each tick up is met with increasing stock and it drags on and on and on.

    Before Davidob jumps down my post - No I am not looking to still accumulate I am at my limit at this stage of the information cycle and unless I get information to change my model I wont put more in to this until I have some chnages that help me assess the progress.

    I wont benefit from a lower price but I think we all will if it takers out a lot of stock. Remember that if we were to clear 40million up to 2c than that will help our climb if we start delivering on the plan.

    As you will guess I do think it will take longer to deliver results than it will take to deliver signed contracts. I also think you will see more competitors entering the market. Happened on a Queensland companies website and hadnt seen them before so it looks like it will get more crowded in the space we want to occupy.

    By the way my portfolio system doesn't work the way you think. I dont use gearing as a constant - I know it can amplify your success but it also amplifies your risk profile and can at times be your ruin. I have on a couple of occasions in my career been beholden to bankers - Not my most memorable moments and I learned after the last time that I wasn't constructed the same way as bankers - They tell you they look at cash flow my experience was they look at your vulnerability and use it to squeeze every last cent out of you when you are weak. Decided after that to get rid of them in my life. So I dont not have lines of credit but thats where your argument (Davidob) fails - In my case what I have done is that I have cheap finance and only use it when I have too many opportunities and scarce resources. So for example I got into AXA a bit late but rode the final wave and bailed today but because it looked like some deal would ultimately be done I looked to redeploy that cash when the original announcement was made. So I did use gearing in that case to bridge the gap whilst I waited to see what was going to happen. I found another suitable investment and borrowed to invest knowing that this one would clear at some point. At times I have borrowed but I have always long term had the plan to avoid the borrowing becoming permanent. So if I really looked long term at INT and felt that I needed a certain stake I would borrow and not worry about it whilst the portfolio rebalanced. I have used this specifically not to miss opportunities.

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