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i will say it again

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    The answer to SSN's future can be couched in a word.


    We have this acreage and that acreage but until we get oil out of the ground what does it really mean?

    When the hype about possibilities wears thin the stock price needs revenue for support.

    Do we have that at the moment?

    As an investor.........It's your call.

    We are now entering the SSN production phase and that translates to me as growing pains and that's exactly why we are where we are IMO.

    Is SSN a screaming buy at the moment?

    The answer to that depends on your perspective.

    An honest opinion from me...........No not yet, but will certainly be as we go forward based on my faith in management and the tenements we hold.

    I hold and once again, having sold down and I am now free carried once again.

    Bring it on TB.

    SSN to me is medium to long term and I invest accordingly.

    Ok.......pull my thesis to pieces if you want, but it wont change the way I invest in this company.


    PS.........damn I hope I don't get a tongue lashing from that lady called "Lilly on a laptop lady." LOL

    Good investing all.

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