HDR hardman resources limited

( I will never buy another Warrant From Maquarie )

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    I have started a new thread as the other placement one is getting to long. I like many of the HDR faithfull received the Maquarie newsletter on Hardman

    I thought to myself finally the insto,s are starting to see the value in this company. Even better I thought we could now buy some call warrants on HDR to get some better leverage.

    Last year I switched in and out of HDR into HDR0 as the drill results came and went.

    My beef is during the banda drill I switched out HDR into HDRWMB to get better leverage into the upside " good news " I off course would never have done this had I had an inkling of a placement at 70c not to mention doing it now #### why not at xmas ??? Hardman had plenty of funds to continue into the new year.

    Maquarie have been at least moraly currupt in their dealings if not legaly in breach of some insider trading.

    I will never deal with Maquarie again.

    What do others think ? comments welcome
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Currently unlisted public company.

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