AXT 0.00% 1.4¢ argo exploration limited

i will lay it on the line

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    I have held since float. and have it on good authority that AXT is a winner.

    I bought a substancial amount at 27 cents, and then again at 35 cents.

    I have layed 85% of my money into AXT. and i am awaiting the real pay day

    I have it on good authority AXT will deliver.

    I dont need to ramp this stock, but I just want to make it Hotcopper public knowledge.

    When We look back at AXT I want to be able to click on this thread, and say i told you so.

    I am sitting on 100% profits right now, and will not sell a single one.

    my source has given me a target of $4.50 and I am not going to be the one to tell him different.

    just do your research into where this company is located before you hit back...

    disclaimer: i am not saying returns will be instant, and i dont care if the stock falls a couple of cents here or there, i am talking about a serious multi bagger here, which has a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    good luck

    I am as confident as i have been.

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