LUM 0.00% 2.3¢ lumacom limited

i think you all should know

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    you have stated many times that you will attack me and others at any oportunity
    you stated you will also attack mine and others stocks at any oportunity

    you know state i do not hold lum and infact have sold it
    this i find reprehensible , or are you as i suspect you have been doing merely trying to down ramp a stock you have missed

    is this a vcr downramp type play ????

    i will say on hotcopper that i do own lum and am infact long on lum
    please gominer stop fabricating lies
    just because i caught you out on qtm dont get nasty :)

    btw vcr was a short the other day and now that goes into the history books ( looks like i was correct )

    i am glad vcr is rising again , for those that hold after this recent pullback . i am especail glad the patient is still alive and well

    regards gaga
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