i think my wife loves me

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    My wife gives me a card out of the blue,no special occasion,,,,i must be doing some thing right.lol

    This is just to let you know how much i love you.

    As many times as i`ve seen you smile,
    it never fails to brighten up my day.
    As many times as i`ve heard you laugh,it still always lifts my spirits and makes me realise that things aren`t as bad as they seem.

    As often as i`ve felt your arms around me when you hold me close,it never ceases to make me feel secure.
    And as often as i`ve heard you say "i love you"..i never tire hearing those three words,,,,just as i never tire of saying them to you.

    I never stop appreciating your honesty,sensitivity,thoughtfulness,or generosity.

    Most of all,as often as i`m with you i never stop appreciating what we have together or blessing it is to have you in my life..

    See people i must be alright a bloke....when is the last time your wives have giving you a card like that for nothing........or when have you giving your wives one to say you appreciate them....

    Take a drive after market closes you good people and go buy your partners a card and tell them you love them.

    Thats my love lesson for the day peoples..god bless...lol
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