LUM 0.00% 2.3¢ lumacom limited

i see lum hitting $1 by end of october

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    Thank you all those newbies who sold LUM today and yesterday. I will buy you a beer with the 12% profit I made.

    So many dog stocks out there - LUM is a stand out investment with huge upside. They are signing deals and positive announcements are on there way!!

    People may be ramping this stock - but you have to admit the following is expected from LUM in the next few weeks:

    -- New York Times Square goes live
    -- Explanation to why Sala was in Hong Kong
    -- How many of the 50 deals have been signed
    -- How many new prospective deals they have
    -- Further financials on new deals

    $1 by October or sooner, I continue to accumulate.

    Good luck all!
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