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i remain demused as to what's going on

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    I still can't figure out what happened with HDR today.. in the absence of any news. Was it traders jumping off, stops being hit, shorters or CFD providers shaking the tree, accumulators accumulating, a general exit from oil stocks as the money flowed into the financials, insider selling on a dry well at Espadon....or some or all the above??? Or something else from left field? My best guess given that it wasn't huge volume is that it was a combination of the above possibilities... and just possibly not indicative of Espadon results. Having said that I would prefer the sp to rise ahead of results!!!! LOL

    I exited some CFD's and I have GSO's on the rest so I'm feeling reasonably comfortable .. but I hate losing money when there's no "apparent" reason .. like an actual announcement that Espadon is a duster for instance. That would be easier to manage as the magnitude of the response and the expected support levels could be judged on past performance ... with no information to go on its a guessing game... which is not how I like to make investment decisions.

    Another potentially huge day tomorrow with the Good Oil Conference presentation (we may not get it until after market though) and a chance of Espadon results. Getting more and more pis*ed off at the lack of information or even feedback from HDR (have had nothing from Dean as promised last week, nor Simon's promised open briefing as yet). I guess what's disappointing too is that we all thought HDR had progressed beyond this sort of volatility given the muted response to the coup and the high level of institutional ownership.

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