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I read it on Face Book

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    There were comments on Face Book referring to the results of two large TAVI studies presented and published in March this year.

    Interesting results - confirming that the rate of certain complications in TAVI cases is considerably (significatly) lower than in the conventional open shect surgical approach.

    This suggests that the trans aortic approach is not necessarily an option for high risk invidiuals who may not be ideal candiates for open chest/ open heart approaches, but is the procedure associated with lower adverse outcomes (death, re - hospitalisation, Stroke, Cardiac arrythmia).

    However, the longevity of the prosthesis is one barrier to it being the go to product for youger people.......Fingers crossed that this is where AHZ will shine...........

    While TAVI with conventional technology was fine for Sir Mick Jagger, should Keif need one (as he is going to live forever) a valve with greater longevity may be needed........

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