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i rang them myself

  1. NGF
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    I rang them, the Yarrow drilling will be for gas and they beleive there is oil below this field under the gas, the wetaher up there has seen the cooper creek flood and it will be flooded for 6 weeks, that why they cannot get any oil out, YArrow is an exploration well, i was told the flow rates will be minimum 30% and could be even greater, he also said it could be less but they anticpate somewhere above 30%, there is nothing anyone can do but hold on unless you wanna sell
    I mentioned the share price and he said we cannot control it , andits disspaointing i got the impresion he was legitimate and i smell a rat as someone is trying to hold this down for a reason, but he said all is going ahead as expected and there is no problems there except the river flooding
    Any views on this anyone?
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