I wouldn't blame the girl too much . In my day girls had 90 %...

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    I wouldn't blame the girl too much .
    In my day girls had 90 % influence from family church and conservative society ( yeas they all had their great flaws ) and 10% from friends and media.
    Today the reverse.
    Today the average poor girl is just so lost .....bamboozled by tech from such an innocent age into only believing that their worth is their sexual attractiveness.It's a tsunami out there for them, and unfortunately you can't put an old head on young shoulders....otherwise i wouldn't have made the mistakes i made when young.....but at least my mistakes had to be made within certain boundaries....today....it's the wild west.....try ice once ---get totally addicted , e.g.
    Too many so-called 'parents' coping out and want to just be friends...ahhh...but thats another can of worms.
    Being a mother is the most highly elevated occupation their is, in my view , it's way more than full-time .......denigrated now to ......this , we call' society' now.So we give the kids 'things ' instead of 'us'
    No wonder the west is so over-ripe for plunder from .....anyone.
    The fabric is broken.
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