'Lies ... who cares.... did you listen to them all... they were...

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    'Lies ... who cares.... did you listen to them all... they were all trivial. Trump 'lies' about stuffon matters of no serious consequences.... Think about all of them and then ask yourself...They make no difference in the end.'
    The Dunning -Kruger effect, essentially describes people like you.
    So you are suggesting, that during March, telling the people of he US that the virus will disappear in a few days is trivial, is of no serious consequence and 'makes no difference in the end'.
    Facts are not on your side on this one. USA 4% of total world population, 26% of total deaths. Trumps response to this pandemic has resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths and you come on here sprouting your biased rubbish.
    If he is not held accountable, who should be?

    But I know what youre going to say... he said its going away in April, but he lied... how is that a lie? do you know what a lie means? Youre giving Trump too much credit, by saying thathe can predict the future. No he cant he's not that good.

    Sorry, but this is just rubbish.

    'Heres another example to get your Trump-hating head around:My friend said that Trump's going to lose the election in November for example. After Trump winsin November is my friend then a liar?Please explain this.'

    There is a difference between opinions and fact. Trump has the most sophisticated intelligence apparatus at his disposal, access to the top health experts in the world yet he openly ignores them and sprouts misinformation all designed to suit the re-election narrative.
    If Trump is given scientifically based information then sprouts the opposite, is he lying?

    Why does he openly disagree with Fauci, Birx on the virus?

    Do some research on the Dunning-Kruger effect and you will have some understanding of your condition.

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