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    Hi dlux

    There is one particular chart I am looking at and that's the DJIA and the Nasdaq (OK that's two and yes I am always mulling the charts), but I note that in EACH of the last 6 years the Dow has been lower (mostly a lot lower) in the dreaded Sept/Oct fear period than in the mid year).

    This is not the case for every year though looking further back, and at the moment I'm kind of banking that this year it might just be different.

    In this respect we seem to be at a charting cross roads so to speak, with the NAS just touching a return on the bottom trend line and a potential to run to the 2500 - 2800 range. Doing that would allow it to resettle on the long term midline in place since 1972.

    On the other hand if it can't break up through the lower trend line and actually starts trending back down again I think this would not be good news - it might presage another 3yr bear leg and say goodbye to the long 1972 onwards up trend for ever.

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