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    Penny, rule one about charting is DON'T BUY ANY SHARES!

    Charting does not make them go in the OTHER direction.
    Charting gives you a historical trend which, if was of any use, Elliott, filthy rich man and head of the Lib. Party (connections, connections, connections!) would not be in the poo that he's in now!
    Charting gives you a head ache and not a head job!
    Charting gives you something to play with ONLY. Monopoly is a more rewarding table game, if table games is what you're after; and certainly a great deal cheaper!
    Charting ruins your eyes and digs huuuuuge holes in your pocket.
    Charting will allow you to enter into iddle and meaningless chatter with other chartists. Why, you may even meet a cyber partner -god forbid!
    Charting... well you get my drift, right?
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