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    Thanks for the long distance post Scarva.

    As you know avl did dip below 10.Crafty bugger picking them up under 10 again.Doesnt look as though its going to stay long at these levels though.As far as news is concerned,not much except it looks as though they might finally be getting their act together in the congo re peace.Ive got everything crossed on this one!

    Arx-a little interesting today.A buyer has suddenly moved in for 1 million at 3c.This is the biggest single trade Ive seen in arx for a while.You might be right about that new booty!With the positive sentiment re gold and gold stocks it might be worth a go.

    Zyl-I havnt watched for a bit but I'll have a squiz at recent ann and see if theres anything of significance.Someone else might be a bit more up to date on this one.

    Keep those goolies warm over there. It'll be summer soon,not that thats much consolation in leprecorn land.

    Regards Domum.
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