i luv this life!

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    Share trading is great! :)

    * I look forward to Mondays, I'm little sad on Fridays.
    * I go to work when I want, I take a break when I want.
    * My boss is excellent .. and very understanding.
    * Travelling to work entails me walking 10 steps from the dining room to the study. (no more Sydney traffic chaos!)
    * I make more money now than when I was an IT professional.
    * My trading life varies every day - not monotonous .. (which is good for someone with an attention span of a 5 year old)

    And I owe it all to my uncle who, when I was 14, sat me on his lap and showed me the facts of life .... joking, when I was 17, gave me a tip on a spec oil stock (Offshore oil nl) just before they started drilling near Roma in QLD.

    Pity more kids don't get this start is life.
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