JBM jubilee mines nl

i love this company!!!!

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    A big re-rating is due very soon.

    I reckon it's going up.

    It's just a gut feeling.

    Support at $5.45 Monday.

    However I think Tuesday & Wednesday will provide safer buying opportunities.

    I took some profits on Friday at 28 cents in JBMWMG($5.80 resistance).

    I said I would weeks ago.

    Buy 50k Tuesday at 21.5 cents & sell 50K Friday was too much temptation.

    I'm still holding 150k Warrants because I think the future before April 28 2005 looks much brighter than current times.

    Nickel prices have never looked better.

    The 27month chart looks better again!!


    Watch brokers upgrade their forecasts over the next few weeks.

    EPS of 36 cents a couple of weeks ago were a surprise to the upside.

    2nd Half results look to be better again(Nickel just going up & up).

    Maquarie Bank are the ones who understand the Nickel Market & JBM the best.

    Maquarie Bank are the biggest Bulls.

    They were the 1st to predict higher Nickel prices over 12 months ago & support the "supercycle" theory.

    THEIR evidence I have found & still find Compelling.

    Research is the Key.

    Variety of sources is essential but if one source continues to perform true to word then give it the extra credence it deserves.

    JBM is a great vehicle for making profits but you must understand the Company & how it achieves those profits.

    100k buyer at $5.66 close Friday will provide some support ove the next couple of days.

    The U seller who dumped near close to put JBM at $5.65 will also be back, but probably not as U seller.

    It's a battle of Wits & Courage.

    IMHO holders of JBM will prevail.


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Currently unlisted public company.

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